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It’s never too late to express your "knock-em dead" best, and as Your Image Expert it's my mission to help YOU feel beautiful, everyday in every occasion.

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Changing your image doesn't have to be painful to work like magic...Let me tell you why!

My name is Leslie Davies and my style used to be downright dreary, dowdy and out-of date.I lost touch with who I was and ended up sacrificing my style and worse confidence faster than you can say "frumpy female".

Finally, one day I actually stopped to look in the mirror. "Can that actually be me? Didn't I used to be sorta hip?" Right then and there I decided the woman gazing back at me deserved better!

Then I began a journey first of self discovery, and then of transformation - starting from the inside and working my way out. And the best part?

It was FUN, EXCITING and so LIBERATING! The only question left is...Do YOU want to experience this? Do you want to feel beautiful and your best everyday? Let`s Chat!



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Real style isn't about fashion... It's about having the CONFIDENCE to express yourself, choosing whatever you love, what insspires you... We all have a STYLE RECIPE
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